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If an elderly person wants to stay in their own homes but family members can’t be there to monitor them regularly, then elder care is a good option. Elder care means that seniors will retain the ability to live in their own homes and still have all of their needs met. Every senior is different, so the particular services that they will need will differ also. The help of the senior will also play a role in the services that they receive.  If there aren’t serious health conditions to be concerned with, then limited healthcare services may only be provided. Ordinarily, these adults are placed in a nursing home environment and not in a hospital setting. In particular, family members of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other similar diseases feel it is much better for them to remain in their home environment through the help of a home elder caregiver.

Elder care services may be acquired either through an in home care agency or by hiring a caregiver directly. People who are interested in companionship services usually go the direct hire route. Senior caregivers may provide their services on a live-in basis or they may live out. In general, those who provide companionship services are stay-in workers while home health aides come and go on a pre-determined timetable.

Elder care companionship services are mainly provided to elderly adults who are physically healthy but need some help in their Activities of Daily Living or ADLs. Without these services, most seniors would find themselves in a nursing home much sooner than they would want. The assistance given is usually non-medical. Companionship caregivers don’t usually focus on providing medicine.

It is usually much easier for companions to handle their job as opposed to a home health aide. The people back home health aides work with are usually much more physically limited. Towards him, a companion is more of a friend and a confidant than a health worker.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and help them out whenever needed, and an elder care companion is a great person to fill that role. They can do virtually anything that your senior loved one enjoys doing such as taking a simple walk around the neighborhood or playing a few games.  Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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