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Auto Power Chair Lift 350 Deluxe

The Auto Power Chair Lift 350 Deluxe offers more convenience than the standard Auto Power Chair Lift 350. This is because it uses an automatic hold down arm to secure your power wheelchair instead of straps. It also has customizable platform wheel cradles that let you adjust the platform's configuration to fit precisely with your chair. This means you do not have to modify your chair in any way. To use this lift, just drive your power chair onto the large aluminum platform and raise the lift. The platform even folds up automatically when it's empty. The Auto Power Chair Lift 350 Deluxe is the ultimate power wheelchair transporter.

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Universal Outside Lift 350 Power Chair and Scooter Carrier

The Universal Outside Lift 350 is designed to work with most of the different mobility scooters and electric power chairs available. It is only necessary to drive the scooter or wheelchair onto the spacious aluminum platform and secure it in place using the built in retractors. Once the retractors are locked in place, simply push a button and the Universal Outside Lift will do the rest. This lift works with both Class II and Class III hitches. As an available option, a Swing Away Arm is offered, which will swing the Universal Outside Lift away from the vehicle. This allows you to access your trunk or tailgate, without having to take the lift off of your vehicle.

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