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Universal RV Lift 350 Power Chair and Scooter Carrier

The Universal RV Lift 350 offers compatibility for our customers who need to take their scooter or power chair with them as they travel across the country in their RV. The lift features substantial reinforcement and a heavy-duty hitch adapter that fits nearly any RV hitch. To use the Universal RV Lift 350, just press a button to lower the platform to the ground. Next, drive your scooter or power chair onto the lift, strap it in using the 4 point restraint system, and put on any cover you might have. Finally, press a button to lift the scooter or power chair up. It's a simple process that won't give you a headache.

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Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift

Virtually any scooter or power chair lifts quickly and easily into a truck's bed for convenient transport with The Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift. By way of an easy-to-operate boom arm and Powered Rotation (PR), you can load your power wheelchair or mobility scooter using this lift with only the push of a button. ?? AmeriGlide???s Universal 350 Truck Bed Lift can be installed into almost any pickup truck, whether it has an extended bed or an extended cab. This power chair / scooter lift is made out of weather resistant materials and the rotation limiter can be easily adjusted.

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