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Headstones & Memorials : Buying Considerations

Memorials and headstones are available in many different materials, colors and sizes and choosing between them can be confusing and tiring.

You should start with the color. What was your loved ones favorite color? Granite headstones come in nearly every color, so you are not restricted to choosing from black, gray and white. The majority of cemeteries permit various colors of headstones and memorials, unfortunately churchyards are stricter. Your cemetery or churchyard should be able to provide you with a copy of the rules and regulations.

Once you have chosen your color, think about what you want the headstone or memorial to say. The inscription should give the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased, but the rest of the epitaph is free for you to add your messages of love or favorite sayings.

The majority of headstones and memorials come in set sizes. Bigger is not necessarily mean better; a smaller, better quality one can be equally as nice. Churchyards will only allow headstones or memorials under a certain height, whereas most cemeteries will allow them to be any size. You might want to personalize it with a design too. Many different designs are available to be laser etched or sandblasted on to it. These can range from simple flower headers and crosses to a portrait of your loved one, or engravings of their favorite pastime or pet.

If you want ideas, then look on the Internet, as there are plenty of websites that have online catalogs of headstones and memorials. You can also take a walk around a churchyard or cemetery near where you live to see which styles look most appropriate. As with everything in life, prices will vary and are normally negotiable, so be sure to enquire about discounts and be prepared to shop around. Once your order has been placed, you can expect the memorial or headstone to be ready within a month.


At 'Granite Memorials' we pride ourselves in providing stunning timeless memorials that our clients are delighted with.

Why The Cremation Rate Is Increasing

Although cremation does not appeal to everyone, it is definitely on the increase, especially in Canada where the cremation rate has risen fifteen percent in the last 15 years or so.

Burning the body at a very high temperature, the cremation process reduces the human body to ash. After the ashes have cooled down, any larger bones are then taken out and pulverized.

The ashes of the deceased are then preserved in an urn, either at the family home or at the funeral home itself or indeed, scattered at a favourite place of the departed. Keeping the ashes in the family home is beneficial for many families that live abroad and are not able to visit a grave. Specially designed urns can be bought to satisfy your needs with specifically made urns for children, women, men and even the family pet!

Statistics have shown that, generally due to financial reasons, nearly thirty percent of the Canadian population now choose cremation rather than a traditional burial. Soaring costs of tombstones, burial plots and coffins have added to the rise of cremations and a direct cremation can cost as little as $600. The average cost of a burial is estimated at approximately $2,500 to $10,000.

Research also states that around 14% of the population of Canada opt for cremation as it is less stressful and easier to arrange than a normal burial.

Similar to a traditional burial service a memorial service can still be held where close [family and friends can read speeches or poems and favourite songs and hymns can be played.}

If you have opted for cremation, then it is important that your family carry out your wishes and give you the cremation and memorial service that you deserve. Ensure all relevant paperwork is available and close family know where to find it, this way you know your cremation will go as planned. They will also have to be informed as to what funeral home you will be using, so make sure contcat details for the funeral director are available.

More information and resources on funerals can be found here

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What You Need To Know About Cremation .

Although still not accepted in many cultures, cremation is a closing phase of letting go of a dead body and has been done for centuries. For those people who do accept the process, cremation is on the increase due to the rising costs of a traditional burial.

The process of cremation is [relatively|fairly] [simple|easy|straight forward]. To [begin|start] with the funeral director must have authorization from the deceased [close|immediate] family [allowing|giving] the funeral home to go ahead with a cremation. Once this has been received then the planning of the service can [commence|start].

A similar service to a burial service is then held where close family and friends can read out speeches and antedotes regarding the deceased and pay their respects.

To avoid any technical mishaps, at the time of the cremation, the funeral director must ensure all jewellery and other pieces of metal such as false teeth and pacemakers are removed.

The corpse is then laid inside a casket or wooden chest which can be burned easily during the cremation process. Identification of the body will also take place to ensure remains are sent to the right family.

After the burning process, [thirty|30] minutes or so is taken for cooling down. Any fragments are then [laid|put] onto a table where the crematory [person|assistant] will remove any metal debris either by hand or by using a big magnet.

After this process, the bones are then [placed|put] into a processor and pulverized into powder. These ‘cremains’ are then placed in the family’s chosen urn. These urns are then kept on display [generally|normally] in the family home for [generations|years] to come.

Although the cremation process is [quick and easy|easy and quick] it is also a reasonably priced way to say a respectable goodbye to your loved one and give them the send off that they deserved.

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Rx Help Provides Aid to Iowa Workers Hurt by Recession

In order to help patients that are uninsured and financially-stressed residents get the prescription drugs that they badly need, there is an greater than ever civic awareness that there are plans that supply prescription drug help for free or almost free. Because of the state’s joblessness rate now at a record high, the worth of these plans is magnified. There are companies that provide a one stop solution to more than 850  prescription assistance programs that help out residents who are are without personal medical insurance or besieged financially.

So far, those programs have helped millions of citizens find out if they may perhaps be eligible for prescription assistance programs free or discounted drugs. This is especially excellent news, for at this point there are more consumers out of work than ever before over the last 18  years. Citizens who meet the requirements for help from the participating patient assistance programs have access to more than 2,525  brand-name and generic prescription medicine. Patients seeking assistance from one of those companies may phone a toll-free number to speak to a very well trained representative or access the company’s web site. It only takes approximately 10  to 25  minutes to find out if you or someone you might know can be eligible for free or discounted drugs.

At a point in time when national unemployment is the highest in practically five  decades, many aid plans has turn out to be an important link for a growing number of individuals. Tens of thousands of Americans have been added to the jobless rolls over the preceding several months and there could be a sharp rise in the number of our citizens losing healthcare insurance benefits. Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of prescription assistance plus patients who must have prescription medicine to fight such unbearable chronic diseases as cancer, heart disease, back injury and ms. As a rule residents who need aid need it for more than one prescription drug. This may make quite a confusing procedure because of all of the forms that have to be finished, physician’s consent obtained and substantiation of pay submitted.

Prescription assistance companies ease the person of all of that bother by performing as the patients counselor and performing all of the responsibilities. These companies charge a small fee for their service but it is well worth it. Typically these companies will coordinate everything between you, your medical doctor and the drug companies. It may take anywhere from 3-9 weeks for the patient to receive your medicine so you have got to apply early.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents, Third Edition: How to Help, How to Survive

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents, Third Edition: How to Help, How to Survive
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A thoroughly revised edition of the authoritative guide to caring for aging parentsFor women and men who are involved in caring for aging parents, and for those who see caregiving in their future, this empathetic and practical book offers complete coverage of all the practical issues you are likely to confront―while addressing the emotional stress and particular needs of caregivers. Claire Berman, drawing on her own experiences, the experiences of many other adult children, and interviews with specialists in the geriatric field, discusses the wide range of emotions that can accompany caregiving.This completely updated edition includes • new discussions of... [Read More]

When Your Parent Needs You: A Guide to Positive Growth When Caring for Aging Parents

When Your Parent Needs You: A Guide to Positive Growth When Caring for Aging Parents
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Caring for Your Aging Parents: When Love Is Not Enough

Caring for Your Aging Parents: When Love Is Not Enough
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In this warm and well-researched guide, author and caregiver Barbara Deane gives the emotional support and practical advice caregivers need to provide good care--and keep from burning out in the process.

Life with Pop: Lessons on Caring for an Aging Parent

Life with Pop: Lessons on Caring for an Aging Parent
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From a bestselling author and clinical psychologist comes a refreshingly honest and tender portrait of a devoted daughter shepherding her father through his final years of life.After her mother died, Janis Abrahms Spring “inherited” her father (Pop) and set off on an all-consuming, fiveyear mission to make his days as rich and comfortable as possible. This is their story, overflowing with humor, insight, and love. In beautifully crafted vignettes, Janis brings their deepening relationship to life—both the joy and the imposition, the happiness and the heartache. Early on, she watches with relief as her father adjusts to an assisted-living facility,... [Read More]

Taking Care Of Elderly Parents: A Wonderful Opportunity

Caring for elderly parents can be a rewarding mission, a two-way street filled with joy!


When your parents grow old and are no longer able to adequately take care of themselves, there are a number of ways to deal with this natural development of aging. Too often, their grown children opt for a nursing home solution, even when they know their parents would prefer to stay in their own home, or perhaps move in with you.

It's easy to rationalize this choice. Some kids of aging parents feel they're not qualified to give the proper time and care required to care for elderly parents.

Others feel that such an arrangement will eventually result in discordant relations among family members, or that their own hectic schedules will become unmanageably disrupted. What most people in this position fail to realize is that, instead of being a burden, caring for aging parents can be a wonderful blessing.

Many children of the elderly also end up feeling guilty, believing they just don't really want to provide the necessary care. In fact, it's usually more a case of feeling fearful.

After all, your parents raised and nurtured you until adulthood, continuing to provide support, good advice, a shoulder to cry on and sharing the good times long after you were out of the nest. Now, it's your turn to give some of that nurturing back.
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Caring For Aging Parents

Tips For Caring For Aging Parents


You never want to think about the day when you have to take care of your parents. They have always been there for you, and you think of them as strong. You probably know they are going to be there for you when you need them.

What can be hard in a parent child relationship is when the care switches from what it was to the child having to be the one caring for aging parents. If this is something you must do, take care of yourself as well as your parents so that everyone is happier.

Caring for aging parents is not easy. They were once strong, and it may kill you to see them in a state where they can not totally care for themselves. However, that does not mean that they are going to want you to run yourself into the ground when caring for them.

When it comes to stressful things in life, caring for aging parents is right up there on the list of the most stressful things that you can do. If you are not careful, you could be putting your own health at risk.
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