Author: Gene Medame

Most of us were taught by our parents, and so we taught our children, that
wetting the bed is something to be ashamed of. I'm not here to debate how
children should be raised, but rather to raise conciousness regarding the
medical problem of incontinence in adults.

When you were a toddler your parents taught you to control your bladder so you
could function in society, and they were taught by their parents that they
should be ashamed of themselves for peeing in bed.

Because this has been so ingrained in our minds, our parents most likely believe
that they should be ashamed of themselves for their recent inability to control
their own bladder function.

Ridiculous isn't it? When you think about it.

But true, and with potentially deadly consecquences.

Incontinence is the loss of control over the urination process.

Urine is acidic, it breaks down the skin.

In the elderly one of the most life threatening things that can happen is the
opening of sores or wounds also called ulcers. An open wound is susceptible to
infection and this danger is multiplied in a hospital or nursing home setting
where there are many sick people with infections, like staff, floating around.
Viral infections like staff kill people every day.

Lying in pee soaked bedding or sleeping in pools of urine on a waterproof
is going to quickly open a sore on the body of an elderly person who
already has a weak immune system.

You must be prepared to act quickly when incontinence occurs.

This requires you and your parent to be mentally prepared to broach the subject
immediately when loss of bladder control first happens.

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