What do you think, should you buy a topical Pain Relief Spray or something that really works?

By Gene Medame

From softball in the spring and summer to flag football in the fall and bowling in the winter, I'm always on the go. Of course, now that I'm getting a bit older, I wake up on Monday mornings with quite a few more aches and pains than before. Fortunately, these minor problems can probably be handled by a good pain relief spray.

I used to use Ben-Gay and other types of creams, but those products aren't very fun to use. For instance, once I apply the cream, I have to wait for it to dry completely before I can put my clothes back on or else my jeans and shirt will stick to my body wherever the stuff has been applied.

In addition, there's simply no way to mask the telltale odor of those creams, so I end up smelling terrible for hours. Yuck!

Thank goodness I won't have any of these problems once I make the switch to a pain relief spray! Read the rest of this entry