If you're shopping for new wheels for your wheels, you'll discover that there are fantastic new and gently-used wheelchair vans to be purchased at some very cost-effective prices. In this article you'll find info on some of the wheel chair vans available. Possibly you'll even decide that you're going to take a look.

You're going to adore the new Honda Odyssey vans. They are some of the best on the market when it comes to durability and style and are an ideal choice for families who spend a lot of time traveling. The room inside an Odyssey has been increased. In addition, it will include quality CD and cassette players, a back-up sensor, and two extractable front seats. Since both seats can be removed, can either ride shotgun or drive for yourself when no one else is available.

The wheelchair vans are designed for simple accessibility and has a power ramp situated in the floor. The dual air conditioning guarantees a comfortable ride in either front and back. You'll be able to decide on the color of your wheelchair van from a number of interior and exterior options so that your van will be a reflection of your own individual style.

A Dodge Grand Caravan would be another great choice. These vans also are available with the dual A/C, a power ramp which can be folded out, and a power sliding door. The interiors are very roomy and comfortable and have seats that adjust so that it won't make you feel cramped or claustrophobic when riding for substantial periods of time.

Chevrolet makes a great wheelchair van named the Venture. A Venture features lots of room, keyless entry, and seats which can be removed. It also comes with a CD player so that your tunes can go with you and keep you happily occupied when traveling.

If any of these vans seems to be what your family might like, you should discuss it with your nearby dealership to determine what can be done to customize your van to your needs. Some dealers will want to charge a lot more for these modifications than you should be paying, so make sure that before agreeing to any deal you do some comparison shopping in order to are getting all you can for the lowest price.

The best way to comparison shop is to search websites, such as www.mobilityvansusa.com, where you can find out more about each van in addition to comparing prices. Another good website is www.libertymotorco.com which has pictures of all the various vans listed. By doing your homework ahead of time, it will eliminate surprises when you first see the completed van.

Be sure to look into www.honda.com and www.chrysler.com. You will be able to visit with a rep regarding the customized van packages they have as well as prices, so that when you're done doing your research, you'll be able to find the ideal wheel chair vans for you and your family.