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Understanding Medigap Insurance

Today, people have ways in controlling different risks and threats. This is often referred to risk management which includes life and non life insurance policies. Because of the competition in between insurance providers today, they offer different sets of policies and they try to have one that has something that isn't offered by others. Though they are strictly regulated by the government, each company will have their own rules to follow, including providers of medicare supplemental care plans.

Though many heard about this, unfortunately, not all have fully understand what it really is. Generally, these are plans available for both citizens and residents of the US which cover expenses that are not covered by other regular plans. Just like other insurance policy providers, these are regulated by the government, thus, providers should oblige to rules and follow the standards being imposed.

An example of these standards is strict adherence to the certain qualifications including a person's age, location, and lifestyle which are the three most vital factors to be considered. In certain cases, however, there will be exemptions. In general, having this program is just right for anyone especially those who are about to retire or are expecting a decrease in income.

What are the exemptions with Medicare Supplemental Insurance and who are qualified? One automatically qualifies if he is enrolled in both Medicare plans A and B. Another qualification is one must be 65 years old or older. If this requirement isn't met, one must undergo a medical screening.

Once all the requirements are met, a person can now take advantage of the plan and all the benefits that it offers. Those who have this kind of plan are guaranteed that all their medical bills including bills in specialty hospitals are covered. To avail this plan, you just have to present your medicare supplemental insurance information to your doctor. After that, he will be advised on what tests and treatments are required.

There are ten options that are available for you if you're thinking of getting a Medigap plan. Thus, when the insurer present you with options, make sure that there are 10 named with letters A to J. Expect Plan A to be the cheapest and narrowest in coverage and plans B through J to be similar in cost or extent of coverage but different in their specific coverage’s. Buying more than one policy at a time isn't necessary. If you think there's another policy you would like to have, review that policy first and once you're sure it meets all your needs, get it and cancel your old policy. And make sure that you also check whether you can qualify for a premium refund.
It's one thing to have your Medicare, but it's another to be sure that whatever excesses in hospital expenses you beyond your coverage, you still will be covered by a Medicare supplement plan that is created specifically for this purpose. Get quotes of different Medicare supplement plans soon and start reviewing your options.

Tank Vs Tankless, Why Buy A Tankless Hot Water Heater?

Before you jump in let's have a look at the pros & cons between tank and tankless water heaters and why to buy a tankless water heater.

How much does the energy you use to heat your hot water cost you, is this predominetly keeping a full tank load of water up to a pre-defined temperature? No matter how good the tank's jacket is, it will still cool during the day and the heating cycle will start again. Costly?... I would think so! A huge waste or a resource?... That's a given!

Now, when do you use hot water? Morning and Evening then, your tank will be cooler and will turn on the heating cycle so you have hot water for later. Another problem with tank hot water is they can run out, major problem for larger families when everyone is getting ready in the morning.

This cycle could be costing you $50.00 or more per month simply maintaining the heat in a tank type water heater.

The increasing cost of energy means we have to alter the way we heat water, doesn't matter if it is domestic or commercial, energy you don't need to use still costs and in tight economic times, nobody can afford to waste money unnecessarily.

Tankless water heaters only use energy when hot water is being used and the savings in energy costs will pay for their installation within 3 - 7 years. The smaller the amount of hot water you use, the sooner you get back your outlay. If you are single and seldom have showers at home, your energy charges will reflect your occasional usage because tankless water heaters don't store large volumes of hot water that has to be kept upto temperature.

A good quality tankless water heater will outlast a tank hot water system by many years. Most tankless water heaters will give you at least 20 years or more before they need replacing and this is often double what a tank heater provides, provided water quality is good and the systen is well looked after and serviced.

If you select the correct tankless heater for your situation, you will never run out of hot water. Some of the larger tankless water heaters can run multiple showers at one time, depending on the input temperature of the water, so they can be set up to provide hot water for even the grandest households.

If you are tight for space, tankless water heaters have significant advantages over large tank systems. They are wall mounted, not overly large, light weight, can be fitted both inside or outdoors and some can even be flush mounted between studs. With gas tankless water heaters, you can select for vertical or horizontal venting and most modern tankless heaters offer remote temperature control and plenty of safety features.

Tankless water heaters can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used in boats, mobile homes and RV's, floor heating systems, for boosting solar heating in cloudy weather and when interlinked with additional tankless heaters, can provide sufficient on demand hot water for appartment buildings and large commercial situations, like restaurants and gyms.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the traditional tank water heaters are a poor 40% to 60% energy efficient, the remainder of the heating capacity is wasted to the surrounding environment via the vent of casing. Tankless water heaters are 80% - 95% for nat gas or tank propane and up to 99% efficient for electricity. You will also save up to 15%-20% on your energy bill with the tankless water heaters, simply because there is no stored water heat loss.

Tankless water heaters, when sized correctly, will serve your domestic hot water needs for a long time.

Bath Lift Chairs Are A Practical Prospect To Stepin Tubs

Bath Lift Chairs

Dad has decided to buy an bath lift chair in order to accomodate a elders disablity. From among the many brands, styles, and designs, have you already selected the electric chair lift which corresponds with the health considerations of your elders?

Archimedes Electric Chair Lift for Your Bathroom

One affordable bathing solution that you might want to inspect is the Archimedes Electric Chair Lift. A battery-run lift chair, it securely lowers the physically challenged to the bottom of the tub to let relaxed bathing. After the ritual, it lifts the user back to the original position.

Cost effective alternatives to Slide-In Bath Tubs, bath lift chairs are independent living products that are created to carefully sink and elevate a patient to and from the bathtub. Considered as medical devices for the disabled and elderly, bathtub lift chairs are made with security and ease in mind to allow anyone to bathe effectively despite his condition.

Safety and comfort are important matters when purchasing an electric chair lift. Since the user has physical limits, it is significant that the bath lift secures the bather in his every move when washing. In addition, since movement is often hard and excruciating for those with disablements, electric chair lifts should offer a relaxing experience for the user.

The bathtub lift chair that you are looking for should raise the user safely without danger of damage. It should be tough enough for the user to use everyday. Most bathtub lift chairs are made of heavy-duty, waterproof material like aluminum, steel, or plastic.

Aside from function and durability, double check the users weight and height prior to obtaining one. One would have to keep in mind that not all chairs are made for all sizes. The user have to be comfortable where he should be seated so that he will delight in the experience of bath.

Remember to look at the specific features of the seats and compare them with the same chair of another brand. Confirm the price as well as the extra benefits that you can get if you purchase a particular brand. The best way to contrast features is when you do online shopping.

Compared with a walk-in-bath, electric chair lifts like Archimedes do not need drilling or holing upon installation. Archimedes electric chair lift is also very handy that you can take it with you wherever you go. The chair effortlessly disassembles into three different parts for trouble-free storage. When assembled, the chair weighs only 11.5 lbs, which makes it easier to carry out of your tub.

Since most bath lifts are made with water-resistant material, there is no risk of being shocked while using it in the shower. The exact model features a wide seat, high backrest, and folding transfer flaps so you and your loved ones will delight in the simple pleasure of soaking in the tub. It also has an ergonomically designed water-resistant hand control that has only two buttons—up and down. The rechargeable battery is also located in the hand control for ease of access.

The author, Gene Medame, regularly contributes to health blogs and medical equipment sites. He tackles about mobility aids like electric chair lifts.

An electric chair lift makes taking a bath easier for people with disabilities and physical limitations. More information is available at or call 888-787-6554 for more details.

Here’s How To Remodel A Bathroom

There are many households throughout the year who think about remodeling their bathroom. Maybe it just needs a new look, you want to put in a new bathtub, add a little more room or anything else. Whatever your reason is there are tons of them out there. Unfortunately remodeling bathrooms can be expensive or a chore if you do it yourself. Another good item to look into is the Bathroom Baths.

The first course of action is actually having a plan before you get started. Why do you want to remodel the bathroom in your home? Some people will just want to slap on a new coat of paint or provide borders around the ceiling area to accent the appeal. Then again you might want new knobs, hinges, and a little shelving instead. Heck, it's possible that the bathtub, toilet and sink just have to go.

You will find that the more you want to do the longer it's going to take and the more expensive it will be. This is especially true if you're looking to hire a contractor to make it happen. You might want to take the DIY route, but often times individuals with a little handy man experience realize this is much more than they can handle. These are all things to think about before you even start changing things in the bathroom. If you don't you could end up wasting tons of time and scrambling for a professional to bail you out.

If you know what your limitations are in the beginning you can utilize both options. There are probably things you can do yourself like; replacing the small things, changing out light fixtures or faucets. However, if there is any wiring involved and you're not sure how it's done then outsourcing the work is your best bet. You will still be able to pitch in and help, but it will give you a better sense of security when you know that it will be done right the first time. Another great alternative is Kohler Bathroom.

If you should decide to hire a contractor to come in and help you with your bathroom remodeling project, there are some things to consider before you just hire the first one on the list. A good contractor needs to not only have a business license and years of experience doing bathroom remodels, they need to have the proper insurance, as well as be bonded. You should ask a lot of questions, get many references, and ask if you can help them with the project in order to stay within your budget. You need to also make sure they are listed with the Better Business Bureau, and do a background check on them.

Any contractor or professional you choose should be able to give you free estimates on the length of the job, how long it's going to take to complete the project, and the costs. If you hire someone, make sure they are the ones that are going to do the work, not sublet to someone you have never seen, or dealt with before. Make sure you get every single detail in writing, and go over the contract before you sign anything. Another nice option is Cheap Bathroom.

A Quick Guide To Using Bathroom Body Fat Scales

You get out of the shower and step gingerly on to your bathroom scale. Good news! You have really lost a couple of pounds. But you are missing out on a vital piece of info. Rest room body fat scales don't only measure how much you weigh, but also what your present percentage of subcutaneous fat is. These are some things to keep in mind when it comes to these multi-purpose scales.

Did you know that simply by checking your weight and subcutaneous fat on a consistent basis, you are much more likely to lose weight? Understanding how much you weigh is a good technique to get a picture of your present level of health. How much you weigh is only part of the story, though. It does not really matter why you are weighing yourself, your percentage of body fat is another good indicator of how healthy you are.

Agree with it or not, because muscle weighs more than fat, someone who is more healthy may weigh more than somebody that's simply large. There have even been stories of folk that were essentially all muscle not being allowed into the military. Not because they were too strong, but because their muscle bulk made them weigh too much. You may not be gearing up for a stint in the regiment, but you can see how weight alone only gives you part of the picture.

It used to be that measuring body fat was an unpleasant process. Your arms, upper legs, sides and other areas would need to be pinched with calipers to get an appraisal. But there had been something worse - the water tank! You'd be submerged in a massive tank of water and have to stop breathing till they brought you back to the surface. Bathroom body fat scales make it convenient to see how much you weigh, as well as what your level of subcutaneous fat is. All you do is step on and it will tell you in just a few moments what your percentage is.

Body fat scales come in several different colors and styles and can be found in a selection of costs. You can go to a neighborhood store that sells scales and hope they carry the model you are interested in. Or, you can shop online and have a range of a lot more styles without needing to drive all over city hoping somebody has the one you want.

There is nothing stopping any person from being pinched or dunked in a tank of water, but with the convenience of glass bathroom scales, more folks are making a choice to do it the easy way. As discussed earlier, not only is it convenient but it's also a much more accurate measure of general health than merely your weight alone.

Provide Dad A Bath Lifts Call 888-787-6554 To Get Details On Now

Bathtub Lift Chairs on Sale at or Call 888-787-6554 To Buy Now

What is more soothing than a bath? Baths remove pains, pressures, and irritations. The splash of warm water caressing on cold skin can simply soothe a persons body and takes away all the pressure and anxiety from a days work. For an old person or a paralyzed, drenching oneself in the tub and enjoying the waters seem like an unbelievable idea.

Because of old age or lack of movability, they no longer look forward in the concept of soaking in the tub. For info on bath lift chairs or handicap lift chairs Ring Handicap Product Hotline 888-787-6554 to order now. The emergence of modern technology gives rise to the invention of mobility support like lifts chair. A bath lift chair is a specially created chair for the elderly and the paralyzed to make bathing more comfortable. It suits perfectly into a standard bathtub and can be secured to the bathtubs floor without the need for nailing or drilling. Since it was designed with the elderly and handicapped in mind, a bath lift chair makes it possible for them to bathe independently.

Because of this new gadget, you no longer have to be anxious about your old man tripping on the floor, or falling down and causing an additional damage. If you hired an individual or if somebody from your family to help them cleanse, this person will be pleaseed to know that he or she no longer have to experience back pains when bathing your old man. Also, if you move frequently, you can easily bring this along since it does not need complicated installation.

Bath lifts are secure, uncomplicated to operate, and intuitively created to give the user a sense of self-reliance. Most of the models are battery-run. The batteries are can be charged, with an average lifespan of about two to three years. Being stuck in the bathtub will not be a problem if the machine runs out of battery. Because of its intuitive design, the device will lower only if it detects that it has enough power left to rise again after the user is through with bathing.

Besides lifting or lowering the chair using intelligent controls that even the aged can understand, there are models that can turn 180 degrees. These models permit the user to turn when entering on or exiting from the bathtub. Other models have a flat bench like chair to make it less trouble-free for the user to glide on and off the chair. Some can be reclined for a more pleasant washing experience.

Safe and relaxing, bath lift chairs enable you to communicate your love to your beloved parents or to your paralyzed relative. When they get older, parents become more touchy. Most of the time, they do not want to receive assistance from the younger generation. Others choose to live alone. You, as the one with the more reasonable mind, should know that safety is of utmost cosideration especially if your old parents chose to live independentl. The same goes for the disabled, who often feel sorry for themselves and want to do things on their own.

Giving them the gift of supports like bath lift chairs can lend a hand your loved ones in their everyday needs.

Harry Plummer is a columnist, freelance writer, and author. He frequently writes about medical supplies and equipment like bath mobility. For those who are searching for affordable medical equipment for the elderly, handicapped, and the disabled, visit For info on disabled bath chair seat lift, Ring Handicap Product Hotline 888-787-6554 to get details on now.

Handicap Shower ADA Bench: Equipment For Your Overlooked Bathroom

Tub Seat

Have you examined your bathroom recently?

Most people consider their bathroom as a hideaway, a private haven where one can sit back, relax, and revive oneself after a very difficult day. However, a few also look at the bath as an extremely difficult area of the house. Reports reveal that one of the most neglected areas in the house when it comes to comfort plans is the bathroom. How could anyone not remember to make it a comfortable place for everyone in the household? A solution is a Handicap Shower ADA Seat.

Among the members of your household, the old, physically disabled, and the injured are the typical victims of mishaps in the washroom. Slippery tiles, hard ceramic surfaces, and wet floors are the most common reasons of injuries in the bathroom. Any individual who has fallen in the shower will tell you how hazardous it is for these people to walk around the bathroom alone.

One  successful way to avoid tripping in the bathroom is by using a Handicap Shower ADA Seat while taking a bath. Your washroom is surrounded by water. Standing while taking a shower dramatically  heighten the of incident primarily if you have physical limitations. If you are in a chair while doing your everyday bathing ritual, there is absolutely no chance that you will slip or have a accident.

There are types of handicap shower ADA seats with padded seats for those who are seeking for a comfortable surface while taking a bath. Some even have cutout seats for those who want to wash their undersides. Meanwhile, others can be easily folded so the user can store it in the cabinets if there is a limited shower space. The handicap shower ADA seat is a bath safety bench coated in white powder plated steel, has a big seat with drainage holes, and comes with a backrest for added comfort. It is composed of a lightweight aluminum frame, with suction-style tips and angled legs for extra stability. With a handicap shower ADA seat like this, your loved ones can enjoy bathing without strain or pressure. To the disabled and the ,they may be able to wash in privacy and take their time in delighting in the splash of water.

Aside from obtaining a handicapped seat for your bathroom, there are many other uncomplicated solutions that you can do to alter your bathroom into a safe sanctuary. For your slippery tiles, if renovation is underway, replace your floor with non-slip ones. As a provisional but effective answer, place rubber-backed washroom rugs to cover the central areas of the floor and tub. Put bathroom basics within easy reach, if possible waist-high. Store those that are unnecessary inside the cupboards. For fixtures with dangerous edges, consider padding the edges with rubber or any material that would avoid additional incident in case of a fall. Keep dangerous machines, like a hair-blower, and electrical wiring secured. In addition, ensure if the pathway going to the washroom is well illuminated, especially in the evening.

The restroom may be comfortable and secure for everyone in the household. If you have been ignoring this part of the home for a long time, maybe it is time to think about looking at your WC for your peace of mind and for the safety of everybody in the house.

Kevin McElligot is a writer and interior designer. Among his circle he is known for building secure and small spaces, particularly for the elderly and disabled. In his recent product design, he put a handicap shower ADA seat in the washroom of a married couple since they desired something useful, practical, and safe for their restroom. Handicap shower ADA seat and other bath seat aids are available at or you can call 877-253-6251 for device inquiries.

How Shower Handicap Wheel Chairs Can Fit Your Bathroom and Other Tips to Make Your House a Home

Shower Commodes and Rolling Wheelchairs for the Bathroom: Buy Now 877-253-6251

Regardless of how cautious you are, mishaps occur. There would be times that you would suffer a fall, mishap, or temporary impairment. As you get older, due to weak muscles and frail bones, you start to realize how rigid you have become. One day, you would go to the bathroom and would find yourself perplexed because you could not raise your foot to enter the bathtub. Maybe it is time to give some thought way to make your house more cozy, in the expectation of as your needs change.

A house turns into a home when it is able to efficiently support the familys daily activities while cultivating the best opinions, recollections, opinions, and actions. Homes should be the residents safe refuge. How do you make a house a comfortable place for its inhabitants?

1. Look Closely at the common living areas in the home. Are the electrical and telephone cords secured in place? Do the entrances and windows release flawlessly and lock securely? Are the pathways free of litter? Make sure that everything in the house is always in their proper locations to avoid falls. If your appliances have remote controls, it would be easier for everybody if the controls have their specific storage space when not in use.

2. Inspect your kitchen. Are the electrical devices working? Where are the razor-sharp items like knives? Make sure that youngsters are unable to reach these things. Store all inflammable items away from the stove. Inspect if the sink faucets are working appropriately.

3. Pay attention to your bathroom. Bathrooms are one of the most risky places in the house, regardless of your physical situation. Generally small-scale, bathrooms are constructed for specific activities only. Unas any rooms in the house, lavatories are inflexible because you cannot just reorganize your furniture in case you want to change something. If someone would have a fall or would require a wheelchair, it would be tough for these individuals to enter the area.

One challenge related to the bathroom is entering it especially if you use a piece of mobility equipment ie shower wheelchair. Your bathroom can be renovated for shower wheelchair access.

Bathroom Modifications

4. Door Way, To be big enough for the mobility gear, change your typical 24-inch door with a 32-inch door. If your entrance necessitates the wheelchair to turn before you can gain access to the bathroom, replace it with a 36-inch door.

5. Tub Enclosures, Since tubs can be dangerous, setting up grab bars are suggested to offer support. Bath benches and transfer chairs are affordable medical equipment that you may want to consider purchasing since these allow wheel-chaired individuals to cleanse without having to sit down in the bath tub.

6. Shower, If you want, you may replace your tub with a shower enclosure. It would be less complicated for individuals in bath wheelchairs to use the shower since they would not have to stand to wash. A Bath wheelchair is an inexpensive piece of chair with wheels that people with ambulatory difficulties can utilize. It has a seat cutout ie toilet seat, which enables the patient to get to all parts of teh body with no needing to be on ones feet. It can make a world of difference in the quality of life and mental perception of individuals with mobility problems. A ideal partner of showers, shower wheelchairs are usually made of plastic or rust proof steel, and thus are resistant to water.

7. Other things to consider include position of door handles, water valve levers in the sink and tub, sink, faucet, temperature control, and illumination.

Making your house a safe refuge for its inhabitants must not be considered a task. It should be done with the purpose of making your home a comfortable and safe sanctuary to live for everyone, including yourself.

The author, Gene MedAme, is an expert in home design, health and medical issues, and elderly care. He recently renovated his house and puchased a bath wheelchair for his 80-year old grandmother, who resides with his family. Wheelchair Showers and other independent living products are available at

Learn How to Use Philips Heartstart AEDs and Buy Laerdal CPR Emergency Kits

EMT Supply Store

You can attend the American Red Cross training for your community or workplace and they are also present for professional rescuers. By knowing about CPR and Heartstart EMT supplies, you can attend your family and community in a medical emergency. This program is available and recommended for institutions and the community. You learn the life saving techniques through lectures, demonstrations and practical training. By the end of the Red Cross AED course, you will learn how to handle cardiac and breathing cases for adults, kids and infants. Asidefrom this, you’ll also be able to answer to cases of unexpected illness and poisoning.

Red Cross AED lectures also help you make your workplace safer and protect your employees/co-workers. Heartstart will ensure that your office is accustomed for virtually any life-threatening situation. American Red Cross also prepares the professionals, such as nurses, EMTs, lifeguards, EMS personnel, lifeguards, flight attendants, etc. to cope with emergency cases.

Being prepared is essential to speak about the life threatening medical emergencies successfully. AED laerdal emergency response drills ready the helper for assisting the victim of sudden heart attack. The CPR and AED courses have to be equivalent to the American Heart Association Heart Saver AED standards. AED emergency response drills are very dynamic and make the potential rescuers certain of using AED device when needed. By familiarizing the AED emergency response exercise, you can help a victim of sudden heart attack and how to use the CPR Mouth Kits before the emergency medical services (EMS) ambulance arrive.

American Red Cross has arranged Aed and CPR certification to implant confidence and spread awareness amongst the general population. Apart from the programs for professional rescuers, there are programs which will prepare you for doing CPR or defibrillation if anybody is victimized by sudden cardiac arrest in your family or community. There are courses which prepare you to help SCA victims in your workplace and schools.

Laerdal CPR Emergency Kits Automatic Defibrillators are compact, portable and easy to use devices which are made for giving an electric shock to sudden SCA victims. NearlyAnybody can use them by learning some training. American Red Cross and AHA have been making efforts to make defibrillators readily available in various private and public areas for dealing successfully with emergency cases. This equipment is readily available in most large malls, airports, stadiums and sports arenas, hospitals, fire trucks, and police cars, etc. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation concerns chest compression for maintaining flow of oxygenated blood to brain and heart. The victim of immediate cardiac arrest also requires CPR along with defibrillation in case of sudden heart attack.

The benefit of undergoing CPR and AED exercise provided by American Red Cross is that it gives you the required confidence and skills to answer in an crucial situation. Their AED training programs are available for individual of all age groups and can also be customized to suit the needs of specific groups or individuals. The classes are flexible, and you can attend them during day time, evenings, and weekends. The study guides and training equipment are effective. The courses have been made by experts and are taught by certified instructors. Anybody who undergoes training with American Red Cross is a certified rescuer and gets a nationally recognized course completion certificate. Red Cross AED courses are interactive and involve practice scenarios for better results.

Handicap Shower Wheelchair Reviews in Amazon Store

Amazon Shower Wheel Chair Reviews: Discount shower wheel chair- commode and transport bath chairs Read the rest of this entry